Metropolis is the Digital Nation Platform for Global Citizens

We are creating a more free, open, and connected world by providing universal access to Digital Nations.

At Metropolis Global, we envision a world where everyone has equal access to high quality and trusted government services, regardless of their home jurisdiction.

With nearly 8 billion people in this world, less than 200 total countries, and most people being restricted to only one option, we believe global citizens deserve more opportunities to choose the government services and solutions that suit them best, and that by providing an open marketplace with more freedom and economic mobility for individuals, we can create a more free, open and equal-opportunity world, thus unlocking greater human potential and advancing the cause of civilization on planet Earth.

Civilization 2.0 Projects

  • Digital Nation Platform
    Digitized and modularized government services
  • Digital Nation Alliance (DNA)
    Connecting digital nations and network states
  • Charter Zones
    Bridging to the physical world
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