Our Story

Our mission is to create a more open world with more personal and economic freedom by providing global citizens with universal access to Digital Nations - countries existing in the digital space with physical sovereignties as anchors. Digital Nation participants can enjoy trusted government products and services, regardless of their home jurisdiction.

Metropolis is working with sovereign partners to digitize and modularize key government services through an intuitive platform and make them available worldwide. We develop new innovative frameworks and combine them with the power of modern technology and finance. Metropolis enables citizens anywhere in the world to create an account and purchase the governmental products and services offered by our sovereign partners.

Metropolis has an internationally diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and legal experts with a shared commitment to creating systems that help bring forth a world with more personal freedom and economic mobility for all global citizens.

Core Team

Elaine Wang, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Elaine has a passion to create a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous world. She co-founded Greenway Revolution in renewable energy, and serves as the Founding Strategic Advisor for AAG, a web3 metaverse infrastructure company.  Elaine also worked at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in IP law practice. She has traveled to 100+ countries, and is the first Taiwanese to sail an emission-free boat to Antarctica.   She is an author, educator, and gives speeches worldwide. She received her PhD from Columbia University and Postdoc at Stanford University.

Martin Stroka

Co-founder & CIO

Martin has the expertise and passion in cross-border ventures and building products that re-imagine seemingly well established markets. Martin co-developed the RNS Digital Residency Program for Palau. He founded F50, a cross-border accelerator that connected thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, and hosted numerous summits in Silicon Valley and China. He was an organizer of Founder World and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs.

Patri Friedman

chief evangelist, Founding Strategic Advisor

Patri Friedman spent 10 years coding at Google, starting in 2004, and has run the angel fund ZIG since 2011. His personal investments include Palantir (2009 => IPO 2020) and Matterport (2011 => IPO 2021). In 2008, he founded the Seasteading Institute with seed funding from Peter Thiel, in 2009 started Ephemerisle, the largest self-organizing festival on water, and in 2011 co-founded Future Cities Development which had the first MOU for a modern charter city in 2012.

Doris Hernandez

Chief product officer

Doris is an entrepreneur, product leader, and software engineer.  She is the founder of Dippii, building enterprise APIs to manage private keys.  She was the Chief Product Officer at Ryte (Uber for Honduras).  Doris is also a leader in H.E.R. Dao, and winning hackathons worldwide.

James Tong

Chief Operating Officer

James is an entrepreneur, strategist, and marketer with experiences at Fortune 500 and startups. James founded Creator Nova, a marketplace that enables entrepreneurs to launch consumer brands.  He also held positions in business operations and strategy at Amazon, Minted, and Gap. James recieved his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from UC Berkeley and MBA & MS from Kellogg School of Management.


Alan Seid

Former Senator &
Congressman, Palau

Roger Royse

Haynes Boone Law

Marc Carlson

Former EVP,

James Kennedy

Legal Advisor,

Glenn Seid

Economics Advisor,

Hao Xiang Chen


George Chu


Jack Vinijtronjit

Co-Founder & CEO,

Dave Wang

FMR. Head of Crypto Fund,

Irene Olkeriil

VP, Palau Chamber of Commerce